Breakthrough assembly
automation and robotics

Transform your manufacturing operations with our advanced assembly automation and robotics solutions.

  • Flexible, multi-tasking systems
  • Precise, reliable and safe
  • Cutting-edge instrumentation and control techniques
  • From small and complex automation
  • Integrates seamlessly into your production lines

Automated packaging applications include:

  • Automated assembly and filling
  • Tray loading and unloading
  • High-speed pick and place, case packing and palletising
  • Product orientation
  • Handling of cartons and products
  • Multiple pack configurations on one line

Faster R&D

Easily reprogrammable and adaptable to different tasks, robotics can accelerate your new product development projects in pilot plants.

Quickly manufacture a variety of product concepts on the same base machine. Then use these test results to develop higher-speed production solutions, reducing your time to market.

High specification automation

Have a particularly exacting or complex materials handling challenge?

We’ll use our specialist expertise to identify the right advanced automation packing machine for you.

Benefits Include:

  • High-speed continuous motion solutions for intricate processes
  • Vision systems for product orientation and position verification
  • Inspection of difficult to handle products
  • Precise optical measuring systems

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