Are you a pizza supplier considering a new cartoner for your business?

With more consumers dining in and forcing a sudden spike in demand, you have no choice but to max out your manufacturing line. But this relentless pressure can overwhelm standard cartoners, which means pausing production while pizzas pile up.

Thankfully, our flexible cartoners rapidly adapt to keep your lines flowing. With the ability to produce up to 200 pizzas per minute on a standard solution, they effortlessly handle cartons of all shapes and sizes without compromising productivity.

And naturally, they’re easy to clean with an open design and easy to operate with our intuitive IMI interface.

A cartoner is the most important part of your production line, so invest in the best. Invest in Mpac Langen: your carton machine manufacturer.

Pizza Cartoning

Customizable platform to suit your bespoke needs.

Pizza Cartoning

High speed in-line single and multipacker.

What makes our pizza cartoners industry-leading?

Quality and consistency

> Gentle and precise infeed ensures delicate products remain retail-ready.
> Easy to operate, autonomous machines for ultimate consistency and less employee training time.


> Exceptional 200 pizzas per minute.
> Lightning-fast format changes with low adjustment time and downtime.

Reliability and productivity

> Consistent unstoppable technical availability of 98%+ (standard solution), even when running 24/7.


> Customizable platform to suit your bespoke needs.
> Handles any carton size regardless of quality and humidity.

Lasting benefits

> Pays for itself with up to 98% efficiency from day one, and for 25+ years.
> High energy efficiency to meet the needs of today and tomorrow.

Our packaging capability includes:

  • Single and multipack pizzas: Including multiple pizza toppings in a single carton.
  • Variety of shapes and sizes: Small, large, oval or family-sized – our cartoners can handle it all.
  • Different packaging designs: From closed frozen pizza boxes to bespoke window boxes for product visibility.
  • Different board materials: Handles virgin or recyclable cardboard, making them fit for the future should you need to adapt.

Find your perfect cartoner.

Every business we work with is unique, so our industry-leading cartoners are built around your needs. Discover the right machine for your business.

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