Product handling and infeed systems

Secondary and end-of-line packaging equipment

Well-designed infeed systems will carefully handle your products through the collation process required for your unique packaging requirements. Our extensive experience in bags, flow packs, stick packs, bottles, blister strips, and many other applications, means we can assist you with a successful solution, whatever your packaging requirements.

Our infeed system technology is based on modular designs that are adaptable across all equipment platforms. Unique product characteristics demand unique solutions and you can be assured that we have already developed a solution for your application.

Food & Beverage Health & Personal Care Pharmaceutical

Sticks, sachets and pouches

  • > Flex count infeed system for sticks, sachets and pouches
  • > Handles a wide variety of counts & speeds up to 900ppm
  • > Supports random formation of products or on edge to our other systems

Food & Beverage Health & Personal Care Pharmaceutical

Bottles and jars

  • > Supports single bottle per carton or more complicated multi-size combinations
  • > Handles simple feedscrews to multiple star wheel combinations
  • > Designed to minimize label & bottle surface contact to eliminate product surface marking

Health & Personal Care

Facial tissue

  • > Accepts tissue clips directly from your upstream log saw and orient for the standard (flat) tissue cartons or cube (boutique) tissue cartons
  • > Maintains control of the clips from the discharge of the log saw until loaded into the carton

Health & Personal Care Pharmaceutical

Blister strips

  • > Integrates directly to the upstream equipment or interface to your blister strip storage or sterilization system
  • > Blister strips can be nested and/or stacked or fed directly to the cartoner as a single strip

Food & Beverage


  • > Bags can be collated in a wide variety of formations prior to our cartoning systems
  • > Adaptable to handle speeds up to 100ppm

Food & Beverage

Frozen food

  • > Handles products gently so that toppings stay intact when stacked together at higher speeds, including pizzas
  • > Product collation in a wide variety of formations prior to carton loading

Food & Beverage

Flow wrap

  • > Fast and flexible star wheel or 'bomb-bay' feeding system
  • > Collates flow wraps in stacked or on edge formations
  • > Highly flexible and reliable linear servopack collation system

Food & Beverage


  • > Accommodates single tray supply, randomly spaced or multiple tray infeeds
  • > Trays can be reoriented for carton loading if required
  • > Supports one tray per carton, multiple trays per carton or a combination of both

Consumer Goods

Consumer goods

  • > We know specialised consumer goods need tailored solutions. So, through our years of expertise we have designed and built a wide range of infeed systems to match. From batteries to household products, jugs, and more, we're on hand to support your needs

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