Game-changing innovation

Our next-generation machines can meet tomorrow's challenges. To stay ahead we foster a culture of creativity to develop market-leading packaging solutions that future-proof your business.


Recruiting and nurturing the brightest minds.


Staying close to customers to anticipate needs.


Creative leaps backed up by rigorous testing.


Packaging Centers of Excellence worldwide.

Intelligent Machine Interface (iMi)

The next step in human-machine interfaces (HMIs)

  • Possibility to connect to your machines from anywhere in the world
  • Predict and prevent problems for reduced downtime
  • Capture data to transform into actionable insights
  • Video instructions for more efficient training
  • Monitor operators machine condition to improve productivity
  • Track and trace products
  • Expanding ecosystem of plug-ins to meet evolving needs
  • Inform production and technical staff about production results and line condition

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Cartoner 4.0

An industry first – the future of ecommerce packaging.

  • Efficient, cost-effective ecommerce packaging on-demand
  • Highly flexible – adapts quickly to small series and low volumes
  • Pick and pack different product sizes and types
    (up to 20 per minute)
  • No adjustment or changeovers needed – saves up to several hours of production time a day
  • Connected – cloud-based data for greater reliability
  • Robotic system works seamlessly alongside human workers
  • Enhanced track and trace
  • Small footprint
  • Applications across market sectors, from warehouse to manufacturing, ecommerce packaging, small business, pharmaceutical and health & personal care

Sustainable materials

To reduce manufacturer's reliance on single-use plastic, we're embracing greener materials and increasing our range of sustainable packaging machines.

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Enhancing existing equipment

As well as creating new products, we're always looking for ways to improve existing products to sustain your competitive advantage.

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Innovation without the risk

All our new packaging machinery is backed by our tailor-made service and support solutions. Our 'whole life' approach gives you worry-free line operation for the full lifecycle.

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